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In Asia, Europe, and the United States, we recycle over 12,000 MT

About Wandaa-Silicone-Recycling

Wandaa recycles Silicone polymers.

1995 Wandaa GmbH started specializing in the recovery of postindustrial polymers and silicone in the greater Stuttgart area (Germany) . Since then, we have expanded into a medium sized enterprise with international presence, working with clients all over the globe. We dedicate ourselves to help manufacturers around the world to manage their plastic and silicone waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

A few of the many industries we serve are automotive manufacturing, machine manufacturing, packaging for food, pharmaceutical and consumer goods, film production, pipe production, compounding, etc. We take plastic and silicone waste in all forms including off spec materials, sweep, purges, start-up blocks, sprues, finished products and any remaining quantities etc. We convert these in our plant in Asian into secondary plastic and silicone raw materials WD-SI 107, WD-SI 455.

Silicone Production Capacity

Wandaa operates with 18 five-metric-ton reactors and 12 ten-metric-ton stainless steel storage tanks. Our total recycling capacity is between 1000 metric tons monthly. Annually, we require 12,000 metric tons of input material.